All safety concerns associated with monitoring and collecting cathodic protection system data will be eliminated. Technicians will no longer be required to climb ladders and stairwells to collect data from the tank and reservoir roofs. Fall protection, ladder safety, and tripping hazards are not a concern as data can be transmitted remotely or retrieved from the unit's onboard data storage.



The automated data collection unit will be able to move the reference electrode horizontally and vertically within the tank, enable the creation of a complete potential profile along the entire height of the submerged walls and along the entire length of the submerged floor. The vertical movement will also allow the reference electrode to be properly stored out of the liquid medium, avoiding potential contamination issues associated with permanently installed reference electrodes.


If the CP system being monitored is able to handle current interruption, the control unit will be able to incorporate interrupted CP current measurements, eliminating all concerns associated with voltage drop measurement errors.


The system will utilize a coupon that will be installed in close proximity to the reference electrode and will move concurrently with the reference electrode. The coupon will be made of the same material as the metallic surfaces within the tank and will represent the uncoated condition/coating damage of the metallic tank surfaces. The corrosion coupon will provide a worst-case scenario for each measurement enabling a more accurate depiction of the level of protection.



The data collection unit will be connected to a programmable, external control unit that will enable the user to program the data collection schedule and the horizontal and vertical distance between readings. This programmability enables the user to generate repeatable data collection at the desired time schedule.


Automated Tank CP System Monitoring Systems employ a permanently installed CP data collection device within a tank that will eliminate all safety concerns associated with tank CP system data collection, generate more accurate data, and enable repeatable data collection.