Since Ucorr was established 2014, we have completed a wide-array of projects in the water, wastewater, and oil & gas industries while developing and maintaining many clients within these industries. We are proud of completing the following projects in which our innovative approaches made a positive, lasting impact by increasing the quality of our deliverables, work efficiency, and cost savings. Though our journey is still young, we are excited for the opportunity of continued growth and improvements.


  • Internal corrosion monitoring utilizing sophisticated instruments and data analysis methods for major oil & gas operators throughout California.

  • ECDA surveys utilizing improved methods of data collection and analysis with considerable cost savings for major water districts, public agencies, and oil & gas operators through California, Washington, and North Dakota.

  • Development of utilization of new DCVG survey techniques for concrete-coated pipelines in the water/wastewater industry.

  • Utilizing High Efficiency Cast Iron anodes in several projects throughout California in the water and oil & gas industries and validating the associated efficiency improvements and cost savings.

  • Enhanced cathodic protection design approaches for marine structures.

  • Completed more than twenty cathodic protection/monitoring system installations across the United States for pipelines, reservoirs, sheet pile systems, wells, and offshore structures at or below the allocated budget.


During our six years of operations, we are proud of completing all of our projects without any safety incidents.

Not only have we developed many innovative products, but we have also manufactured many of these developments and introduced them to the corrosion protection industry.