Protective coating condition assessments are performed utilizing advanced surveying techniques such as Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) surveys. DCVG surveys are used to locate coating damage and defects and to evaluate the integrity of pipeline coatings. Voltage gradients are measured over the pipeline to identify, locate, and characterize coating damages. Our certified technicians are trained to perform visual inspections, Dry Film Thickness (DFT) measurements, and any other required tests to assess coating condition.

Our survey teams are able to perform pipe locating, current mapping, depth of cover, and combined CIPS/DCVG surveys simultaneously, which minimizes survey time, traffic control requirements, and eases data reduction/analysis. Additionally, Ucorr is certified to drill test holes, if required, prior to conducting surveys.

Ucorr's coating experts can select the best available protective coatings based on environmental conditions. Ucorr can also generate and update coating specifications that conform to current industry standards and meet client's project needs. Coating condition assessment services including destructive and non-destructive testing and coating sample collection and analysis are also available.