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High Efficiency Impressed Current Cast Iron Anodes will improve anode efficiency by increasing surface area, which decreases anode resistance up to 48%. The increased efficiency will create considerable cost savings on installation and manufacturing.

  • Up to 40% increase in surface area-to-weight ratio

  • Up to 50% increase in active surface area, consequently reducing the electrical resistance of the anode and therefore the total ICCP circuit resistance. Lower electrical resistance will provide the following benefits: Up to 50% increased current output resulting in reduced:

    • Number of anodes required

    • Groundbed length and land acquisition costs

    • Cost of drilling

    • Amount of wire necessary

    • Cost of wire and hardware

    • Amount of anode groundbed coke breeze

  • Decreased operating voltage, resulting in:

    • Reduced possibility of interfering stray current to nearby structures and its adverse effects

    • Utilization of lower-capacity transformer rectifiers, which lower equipment and operating/maintenance costs

  • Up to 50% lower overall project costs

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