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Internal corrosion assessment services are offered for assets carrying or exposed to corrosive materials. Our personnel are qualified to operate internal corrosion monitoring devices to collect data from any type of internal corrosion monitoring systems. Internal corrosion assessment results will be analyzed and reviewed to identify potentially problematic areas. Internal corrosion direct assessments can be conducted utilizing physical, chemical, metallurgical , and microbiological analysis to accurately assess the integrity of the structure and to determine the root cause of degradation. Maximum allowable operating pressure analysis methods (ASME B31G, Modified B31G, and RSTRENG) are utilized to ensure safe operation of subject structures.

Ucorr can also provide recommendations and designs for internal corrosion monitoring probes. In-situ and laboratory metallurgical testing services are available for internal corrosion failure cases to determine corrosion mechanisms and causes of failure, helping clients prevent future failures and shutdowns.

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