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Multipurpose sacrificial CP system anodes are available in zinc, magnesium, and aluminum alloys. There are 3 sizes of sacrificial anodes in zinc, magnesium, and aluminum alloys:

  • U.S.S.-12

  • U.S.S.-4

  • U.S.S.-2

All 3 types of anodes can be stacked together and secured with threaded joints to achieve the desired anode weight and surface area. This allows CP system designers to customize anode size and weights based on the needs of the system. To secure the anodes to vessel structures in liquid environments, threaded joints are welded onto the vessel surfaces. The anodes are then installed onto the welded mounting bracket. Images of a typical installation sequence for liquid applications are displayed below.

The following charts illustrate the effects of adding additional segments of Zinc Sacrificial Anodes on surface area, height, weight, life, resistance, and current output in a 2000 ohm-cm medium.

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