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Ucorr® Multipurpose Segmented Impressed Current MMO Anodes consist of multiple components made of Titanium (Ti). The surface of the anode, which reacts with the electrolyte (corrosive medium), is coated with a MMO layer. MMO coating specifications are selected depending on the conditions of the corrosive environments. The MMO coating can be applied to external component surfaces, internal component surfaces or both depending on the application and specific design requirements.

Ucorr's MMO impressed current anode design helps prevent 3 major causes of anode failures including:


  • Voltage rise on the surface of the MMO catalyst

  • Non-functioning wire connections

  • Degradation of insulation around anode wires in anodic environments

Multipurpose segmented MMO coated titanium anodes can be used for a wide variety structures in both soil and liquid mediums such as offshore rigs, tanks, tank bottoms, vessels, and pipelines. These anodes can be installed in a variety of arrangements as well. In soil, various anode groundbed configurations such as horizontal or vertical and shallow or deep can be achieved.

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