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The Marine Utility Impressed Current Anode eliminates the issues associated with conventional sled anodes including the need for concrete weights, crowding factor concerns, and utilization of numerous wire connections. Additionally, since the entire surface of the Marine Utility Cast Iron Anode is active and the bottom portion of the anode is designed to become partially buried in the mud by its own weight, the anode current output is much greater with improved current distribution to structure components above and below mudline. The innovative anode sled offers the following advantages:

  • Improves current outputs, up to 120 A in seawater.

  • Reduces quantity of anode sleds required to adequately protect target structures.

  • Reduces necessary hardware such as wiring, cable trays, connections, etc.

  • Eliminates the need for numerous underwater wire connections and associated issues.

  • Improves control of current and voltage gradients in CP systems.

  • Lowers circuit resistance, resulting in a lower driving voltage, which deliver the following benefits:

    • Decreases risk of stray current interference with nearby structures.

    • Reduces voltage output requirements for transformer rectifiers.

    • Reduces costs associated with operation, maintenance, and repairs.

  • Reduces overall CP system costs up to 45%.

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