Ucorr has simplified CP system design by minimizing the number of anode shapes and sizes. Ucorr anodes can be scaled up based on the engineering needs of the CP system. This removes the necessity of being familiar with the vast assortment of anodes on the market today. These segmented, multi-purpose anodes are available for impressed current CP systems and sacrificial CP systems to be applied in both soil and liquid mediums.

Multipurpose sacrificial CP system anodes are available in zinc, magnesium, and aluminum alloys. Multipurpose, MMO coated titanium impressed current anodes come with an integrated vent for soil mediums and through-wall isolation joints for liquid mediums. These anodes can be scaled up by simply threading the easily-handled tubular anode segments. Using Ucorr's patented anodes not only will decrease the possibility of unwanted failures, but it will reduce the cost of design, installation, and required maintenance.  

High Efficiency Cast Iron Anodes will improve anode efficiency by increasing surface area, which decreases anode resistance up to 48%. The increased efficiency will create considerable cost savings on installation and manufacturing.

Automated Tank CP System Monitoring Systems employ a permanently installed CP data collection device within a tank that will eliminate all safety concerns associated with tank CP system data collection, generate more accurate data, and enable repeatable data collection.


Marine Utility Cast Iron Anodes will increase current output capacity up to 130 amps per anode, will considerably reduce cost of manufacturing and installation, and enhance cathodic protection system monitoring and maintenance.

With increasing concerns of AC corrosion issues in the industry, Ucorr has developed an innovative approach for AC mitigation and is currently working on industry case studies. The Embedded AC Mitigation System will mitigate AC voltage on pipelines caused by AC interference with lower capital cost of materials and considerably lower installation costs than current systems in the market.